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Body Treatments

The body treatments we offer are designed to detoxify, exfoliate, and relieve stress on the skin.

Austrian Moor Mud Body Wrap Treatment 60 min/$150

(Body detoxification for metabolic toxins)

Moor Mud is made of herb and plant compounds concentrated over thousands of year in nature's own laboratory. Moor mud has purifying, toning, soothing, anti-pathogenic, circulatory, re-mineralizing and hydrating properties. Wrap includes a warm foot bath with essential oils.


Deep Sea Algae Body Wrap Treatment 60 min/$150

(Body detoxification for environmental toxins)

With their minerals, trace elements and amino acids, algae have remineralizing , circulatory and oxygen providing properties. This wrap improves tone and texture of skin and may assist in combating weight and cellulite problems over a period of time.


Note: For optimal results we recommend six wraps, one every other week.


*Add a facial to any body treatment for an ultimate head to toe experience!

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